31 marzo 2014

Abraham Mateo gives sold-out concerts in Madrid in front of 4,000 fans

Last weekend Abraham Mateo gave two spectacular sold-out shows in Madrid where thousands of fans had the chance to enjoy a show full of rhythm and dance.

He came onto the stage with a groundbreaking look singing “Kill The Lights”. Accompanied by his dancers and spectacular stage lighting, “Mi Super Estrella”, “Lánzalo” and Señorita” followed. The most special moment probably was when an Abrahamer came onto the stage to listen Abraham sing “Me gustas” to her. On the acoustic set, he perfomed on the guitar “Destronado”, and followed with “Más de Mil Años” at the piano. “Get The Phone” and “Undercover” were the closing songs, before the encores “Girlfriend” and “Señorita”.

Abraham continues his “AM” tour around Spain and will be opening One Direction’s shows in Chile and Peru in April.